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Lazy weekend...

Started out all fired up to go duck hunting, but that kinda fizzled out, so I went home instead, and cooked breakfast - home-made biscuits with home-made sausage gravy. That's how I roll, baby!

The rest of Saturday morning was spent kicking back with the Big Bang Theory and then we made pizza dough in preparation for the pizza that I had planned for that night.

While the dough rose, Ariade made chocolate-chip cookies (and I cracked walnuts for the same... walnuts that I foraged here in town).

Then, when the dough was ready, we had a dinner of home-made pizza on fresh dough with salami, onions, Porcini, and tomatoes.. it was really excellent!

And then there was the eggnog... I needed it because my teeth hurt all day from the dentist visit on Friday... hell... they STILL hurt... but it's getting better... at least it's not making me feel like an asshole.

Anyhoo, Sunday was more of the same.... though Ariadne got the Christmas ornamentation arranged and that got me to dusting and cleaning in the general vicinity. It feels like a useless task because there is SO much dust, but the more that we neutralize through dusting (with a damp cloth) the less there will be in the air, right?

We MEANT to go mushrooming but... well.. it just didn't happen... *chuckle* instead Grim and Big Bang Theory prevailed..... all-in-all, though, a great weekend...


In a discussion brought about by someone getting yelled at because their refusal to shut off the idling engine of their parked truck drove some woman over the edge a little bit and how inappropriate and wasteful it is to leave your engine idling:

DUDE: How do you know that fossil fuels aren't constantly being produced over millions of years and we will endlessly have more of the stuff?

ME: I suppose, technically, new petroleum IS constantly being produced... in much the same way that Dodos were constantly being produced in the 64 years since they were first encountered and the last credible sighting of one.

Except that the amount of "new" petroleum is an infinitesimally small drop in the gargantuan bucket of the amount that we, the human race, currently use.

You see, we have this thing called "science"... perhaps you've heard of it?

DUDE: Perhaps you know then that the amount of accessible fossil fuel had quadrupled in the last five years. Perhaps you might have opened a newspaper and you saw that they recently discovered a pocket of natural gas in North Dakota that effectively doubled the known amount of natural gas in the entire world. Its just science after all.

ME: Oh! Yeah! I totally forgot about that! In that case, you're TOTALLY right! We'd better use it all up as quickly as we can! After all, we wouldn't want it to fall into the hand of the Communists when the Soviet Union sends over troops and invade our country starting with Colorado! Argumentum ad absurdum...

DUDE: Why would they care? Russia has a huge amount of Natural gas available.

ME: 'Scuse me for a few minutes, whilst I go find my sledgehammer.

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

Wow! What a weekend.

I tried not one, not two, but THREE new-to-me mushroom species! One of which is said to be poisonous, if not deadly! Turns out that it's tasty when properly prepared. The other two are yummy as well!

Also got to spend part of the holiday with some fantastic people and some of the friends that I consider to be closest to me.

ALSO got to spend time just relaxing.

ALSO got to learn new and exciting things!

Yeah. Good weekend!

The mushrooms that I tried this weekend are new ones for me to harvest, Amanita muscaria, Amanita calyptroderma/calyptra/laneii, and Boletus regineus.

I know what you're thinking - Amanita muscaria?!??! Isn't that poisonous?! No. No it isn't. It IS, however, psychoactive is not pre-treated properly but has a long history of use as food in many areas of the world, even in the US!

How, you might ask, does one pre-treat it? Simple. Boil it in a lot of fresh water. I boiled mine for 15 minutes in salted and vinegared water and then boiled it again in a fresh change of water for another 5 minutes (more like 10 'cause I left it in the water while the water heated to boiling).

I was concerned that the result would be slimy and nasty, but it was not... it was firm, sweet, nutty, and wonderful!!!! I will certainly be picking more of these in the future. Fantastic!

I also found and ate my first fall coccora! The ones that I found were a little more mature than could be wished, but were still quite pleasant (after I made absolutely, positively certain that they were what they said that they were... I still don't take Amanitas lightly, but don't shy from them like I used to, either.)

Finally, there was B. regineus - the Queen Bolete. After a few weeks of searching and some good advice from people in the know, I did find her. The flesh is fresh, sweet, buttery... not the nutty flesh of the B. edulis, but quite good.

All in all it was a pretty nice weekend, from a mycophagial point of view!

*taptaptap* *blow* Is this thing on?...

And now, your Weekend update with your host, Fourgotten...

Saturday began bright and early and I headed out later than I meant to. Finally having arrived at Florence around 08:15, the rain and wind began. Of course.

Within the first 15 minutes of my mushroom hunting I was soaked to the skin except for my feet. As I was wading through the Scots Broom and grass, I was trying to keep my pants legs away from my legs to prevent my wet skin allowing water to dribble down into my boots.

I did pretty well for a couple of hours, but finally, they also filled with water and I was soaked.

75% of the mushrooms that I got were #2 or #3, though most of them were bug free, so certainly good enough to smoke or to dehydrate.

After I'd had enough time being soaked, I changed into my dry clothing (good thing that I packed for an overnight excursion!) and headed out. Looked for some cheap-ass slippers so that my feet could dry but didn't find anything that I was willing to buy, so I headed to the casino for lunch.

Walked in with $6 in my pocket. Paid for lunch with my card ($9.99) and left $1 for a tip. It was a pretty good lunch, actually. Much better than our prior experience there.

After lunch, while walking out, I just got a random idea to try the slots and came out with $37. Basically, they paid me $21 to have lunch. NICE!

Sunday we hit up my cousin's place to pick her mushrooms. We found a good amount of them, most being #2 or #3 again, and many with springtails on them, but those are easily brushed off.

Stopped at the North Spit as well, but it's been picked pretty clean (at least, my spots up there).

The drive home was... a little scary... the wind had picked up and the rain was constant and I REALLY need to replace my lower ball joints... *shudder*

It was a nice time, even if it was more wet than I like. Can't wait for those Frogg Toggs to come in...


I'm tryin'...

Hard to keep up on things... wow...

Anyhoo... Porcini are coming up and I wanna be out there getting some... Think I'm gonna be out in the woods this weekend... hunting and camping... it'll be good times.

Ariadne's gonna stay at home and do school stuff...

In other news... Bi-Mart has a kayak for $199... was sorely tempted, but decided against it..

Alrighty Heather... just for you...

I was asked to start back on LJ... I'm gonna try... I will!
Discovered a bug in the Belkin N450 (F9K1105 v1) and figured that I should post is SOMEwhere so that the next poor sap doesn't have to go through the excruciating technical support farce that I did.

When punching in MAC addresses for MAC address filtering, if you add more than 13 MAC addresses, you will be unable to restore your settings at a later date.

For example, you set up 15 MAC addresses in the MAC Address Filtering page and apply, then save your settings to a USER.CONF file. When you open that file in a text editor, you'll see that the filter_macaddress= parameter contains thirteen full MAC addresses and two segments of the 14th.

When you try to restore the settings file, the router tells you -

Upgrade file is not the correct type or version for this device. Upgrade failed. Please obtain the correct file and try again.

Guess what, my friend, you're gonna be setting that sucker up again manually.

After hours of running in circles with tech support they finally realized Oh! Hey! That's a bug! and wanted me to go get a replacement unit from the store to play the home game of Belkin QA. I told them to suck it up and send this to their engineering department so THEY can test it rather than wasting more of my time and money.

If you have more than 13 MACs in use on your network, you should probably write down your settings if you're using one of these units.
Technology is fantastic. Last night, as I was preparing for bed, I made sure to set up the coffee maker to start at 6:00 (AM, even!), fill it up, put in filter, yada yada. I even made sure to bring my Stanley vacuum flask (can't say "Thermos" 'cause that's a trade name!!!) in from the vehicle. That way I'd be able to make my PBJ sammies, fill my flask, and head for the goose fields!

Jumped out of bed at the crack of 6:00, into my long underwear (yes... I really wear long underwear AS underwear... not as pajamas... frequently.) and head out of the bedroom to finish getting dressed and ready. Into the kitchen I traipsed to start on my sammies and fill my flask with the steaming hot pot of... water? DOH!

Fortunately, after the water goes through the system, it's quite hot and doesn't take much time to go BACK through and brew up a nice fresh pot of actual coffee.

One thing about waterfowl hunting - you can always tell how the weather was when I return based on how much coffee is left in my flask. On a warm day, there'll be a cup or two out... one a fairly brisk day, there'll be a couple of cups left. On an icy, or wet and cold day, such as today, it'll be dry as a bone in there and I'll be wishing like hell that I'd spent the other $10 or whatever for the 2 quart one. (If anyone's wondering what to get me for Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's day, my birthday, YOUR birthday, or whatever other occasion that they can think of - Stanley 2qt. vacuum bottle in the original green unless you can find a camouflage one.) I've had days out there that were so cold, that my testicles were shoving my tonsils aside for a warm spot to hang. With ice on my beard, and my coat crackling with slush, the only thing keeping me going being the hot coffee running through my veins, and the promise of that next flight of mallards and the approaching honking of incoming Westerns. Hanging on a thread woven of caffeine and pure adrenaline, I give in to the insanity of the waterfowler.

It does take a special breed of lunatic to face the early wake-up calls, fog, ice (and ice breaking), the snow, sleet, rain, 30 mile-per-hour wind, jammed shotguns, frozen fingers, breaking decoy cords (and subsequent run-away decoys), leaking waders, drooling dogs, deep and hidden nutria diggings, beggars tick, missed shots, teasing ducks, and damp sandwiches... and then do the WHOLE thing over again the next day. (No, really. I have had days that have seen all of those situations!)

I don't know what it is that drives us to spend a small fortune on decoys (and all of the accouterments therefor), calls, shotguns (though, I am fortunate in being VERY happy with my cheap-as-dirt and more-bulletproof-than-Kevlar Remington 870 Express), fuel, and everything else that we waterfowlers "need" to get the extra edge on those fantastic fowl.

I know that it's not just the meat. I know hunters who don't even like duck, but enjoy hunting and know plenty of people who will happily eat all of the duck and goose that they are given.

Spring is a-comin'

I know... it's still winter, but spring IS a-comin' and I can't wait... really tempted to go hunting for Morels tomorrow... might be a bit early, but...

Lost geese

Airie's re-watching Lost. Just got reminded that Walt has the same birthday as me. Cool. Dropped off my nephew at the airport this morning and brought his dog and truck back here and then she and I went goose hunting. My first choice of spots was already occupied... alright... not really... there was one person/group out there with a bunch of dekes set up about 150 yards from where I was planning to set up. I passed on that spot and headed off to the Fir Butte spot... it was occupied... so I headed off to my usual spot and Rain (the dingo) and I headed out about an hour and 15 minutes after the start of the day. While we saw a lot of geese moving around, most of them were Dusky Canada Geese - no shooting them. They are off limits because of their declining population. Technically, we're allowed one, but it goes against the unit quota which is something like 5 or 6 geese... and after you get that one, you're done hunting until the next season and until you've re-passed the goose identification test. So yeah, no shooting the Duskies. With the first flight of Duskies that swung close there were two Cackling Canada Geese (standard goose hunting fare... they are the most common in the areas that I hunt), but they were so surrounded by Duskies that it wouldn't be safe to shoot them. Tons more Duskies swung by through the next hour and a half but nothing shootable. I did have a flight of three Westerns but they were over Mike and Hollis' field and wouldn't come over me. After a while, Rain was anxious to leave, we'd seen a bunch of birds and had a coyote checking us out from 75 yards or so, and Airie had my boots in her car, so my feet were cold. We headed back in and it was a nice ride, but still we had no geese. Perhaps we'll try again, tomorrow...